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Floor Plans

In order to explain to the local building inspector the alterations going on to the old farm house, it was necessary to have floor plans drawn up. Drawing of first floor below is basically what the old house looked like when purchased. Only minor changes will be taking place. Living room, entry hall, entry porch and study will be repaired but not altered. Doorway into pantry from dining room will be removed so that pantry can be used as a downstairs bathroom. Kitchen will become the new pantry area and the large shaded area off the old kitchen will become the new kitchen.

Second floor will be largely unchanged. Except for the addition of larger closets, the three bedrooms will have the plaster repaired on the walls and the ceilings will be covered with sheet rock to create a smooth painting surface. Same for the hallways. The bath will remain in the same location but with updated plumbing. A new master bath will be built adjacent to the old bath in the space marked "Room". The attached 2nd floor apartment will also be largely unchanged except a fire escape will be added to the back of the building. The entire apartment will be separated from the larger house with 1-hour burn rated material.

The cost of these simple drawings was around 1,400. but they are worth it to help explain to the building inspector what you're planning to do. Also helpful for the electrician and plumbers and carpenter. Got to have a plan!

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